They say bigger is always better, but when it comes to the cuteness factor, big just doesn’t cut it. There’s something just so endearing about smaller-than-life objects that never ceases to intrigue – whether you’re five, fifty-five or a hundred-and-five. So if you really want to get your guests talking, the trick is not always up-sizing but rather to downsizing, because after all: Mini is more.

  • Instead of a towering and impressive five tier wedding cake, serve miniature three tiered cakes or baby cupcakes.
  • Carry a full but tiny bouquet of tightly packed baby flowers like baby’s breath or miniature daisies.
  • Replace your table arrangements with an assortment of miniature cacti which guests can take home as favours afterwards.
  • Other mini table arrangements include a set of mini lotions, mini gum ball machines, mini chocolates of cookies, mini notebooks and pens, mini snack baskets or anything cute and tiny you can lay your hands on.
  • Mount your place cards on toothpicks and prop it up in little mini cheese wheels.
  • Instead of an open bar, do a wine tasting with mini wine glasses.
  • Send out mini invitations, but instead of forcing all the information in the little card, simply provide guests with the website address to your wedding website with all the info.
  • Wear a mini wedding dress!
  • Serve mini hot dogs, hamburgers, pizzas, pitas, croissants – you name it! Cocktail-size everything on the menu.
  • Instead of cocktails, serve baby jello shots that resemble mini cocktails.
  • Set up a photo booth with tiny kiddies furniture to create the illusion of a giant in a dwarf house.
  • Instead of a three course meal, serve a six or even eight course meal of mini foods.
  • Forget tall glasses of champagne and rather toast your matrimony with shots of tequila or sours served in tiny shot glasses.
  • Arrive at your wedding in a Mini or a little Beetle.
  • Who says you have to have 6 or 8-seater tables? Go the mini route with 4-seater coffee shop tables or even romantic 2-seaters.
  • Have only flower girls and ring bearers and no adult bridesmaids and best men.
  • Decorate the tables with an array of mini flower arrangements and mini candles.
  • Serve mini bottles of champagne and chocolate
  • And last but not least, here’s your excuse to have a mini guest list!

Take a look below for some of the ideas mention above!


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