Novel wedding photographs are characterised by innovative poses, settings and post-production. These make the event even more memorable for the couple and ensure a unique picture that reflects the personalities of the bride and groom, as well as the fun had on the day. These are a few ideas to spark the imaginations of bridal couples and photographers alike:

  • Squeeze the bride, groom and their bridal party into a small car (such as a Mini or a Beetle), a phone booth or a changing room in a store to create a multi-layered, funny shot. This will spark many conversations and will keep guests searching for more people amidst the jumble of laughing faces.
  • Position the cameraman on a higher balcony, landing or stairwell than the floor below. Then, get the groomsmen, family or strong male guests to throw the bride and / or groom high into the air towards the camera. This is an action shot and will yield spontaneous, humorous results every time.
  • Fill an inflatable kiddies’ pool with water, bubbles or flowers and have the couple splash around as they pull their skirt and trousers above their ankles.
  • Create a catwalk or runway and have the guests, bridal couple and bridal party walk, pose and even fall as they try to model their outfits.
  • Place a pair of sunglasses on a table and get the bride and groom to stand behind you; kissing, playing and hugging. As they enjoy these ‘private’ moments, capture them in the reflection of the sunglasses.
  • Contrast the old and the new by including elements of the bridal couple’s outfits alongside well-worn items from their single days. These could include the groom’s wedding ring next to an old rocker band that he wore in his youth, or her shoes next to the ballet shoes she wore as a little girl.
  • After the big day, arrange an added photo shoot with colleagues, friends or family that could not attend the wedding. These can include a teacher’s students, or someone’s ill grandmother that is confined to a bed. Include items like the wedding bouquet, veil, balloons or flowers so that, although the couple may not be in their full wedding attire, it is clear that these pictures reflect the special day.
  • Use props like colourful foam letters, picture frames, animals, lollipops and so on to communicate messages of playfulness and romance as well as to bring in the wedding colours.
  • Visit a playground full of children’s activities and take candid photos as the bride and groom play nonchalantly, seemingly unaware of the camera’s presence.
  • Have the bride and groom looking befuddled as they unwrap yet another one of the many identical gifts (such as a toaster or iron) that surround them.
  • Set the photo shoot within a public area, like a shopping centre, park or a busy street. Have the couple do fun things in their wedding gown and suit, while onlookers enjoy the spectacle. They could run around causing havoc, sample free items in the store, play a game of cards on displayed furniture, and so on.
  • Request that the photographer stays until after the last guest has left the reception to take pictures of the post-party clean-up. These pictures could include fallen drapery, the remnants of the wedding cake, tables full of empty glasses or the janitor cleaning up the last of the confetti on the floor.

Photo Courtesy of Boom News

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