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Boudoir Photo Shoot

“The most liberating experience you will ever have!”

What exactly is a Boudoir shoot?

A boudoir shoot is a fun, creative, and liberating photo shoot of yourself in your underwear. It can be as revealing as you want it to be and you set the tone. If you feel comfortable wearing your partners favourite shirt and your undies, with perhaps just a little cleavage showing, or want something a little more daring, then that’s completely up to you. Your boudoir shoot can be entirely for yourself. Perhaps you’re approaching a milestone birthday…or want a gift for your boyfriend or fiance. Whatever the reason, it’s something that should be on every women’s life list. It can be a little daunting, but at the same time every single woman I have photographed has said it was one of their absolute, best experiences.

I will guide you every step of the way, showing you how to sit, lie or stand, so that you will know what to do at all times.

It really doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, I work with the right posing to enhance your best bits. Most of us worry about some or other part of our bodies. Whatever it is, there is also always something in every woman that she loves about herself, something that makes her look and feel sexy. We are all unique, so I will work with the parts of you that you love, and make you love them even more.

I love to mix documentary-style and portrait photography with an artistic and personal approach. I love playing with movement and shadows and how they interact with the human form.

Your images will be arty and creative, simple and sensual, or even girlish and cute. Together we will come up with the perfect look and mood for you. All boudoir shoots are done at either your home, or at a B&B, hotel, outdoor spot or secret location of your choice. There’s no pressure. Your comfort levels will set the tone.

“I had a boudoir shoot done several months ago for two reasons: I wanted to experience first hand what my clients would experience behind the lens, and I had recently turned 40! The whole experience left me feeling completely amazing and so much more confident, and I left the shoot with a little spring in my step. It was definitely one of the bravest things I’ve ever done. I now highly recommend it to any woman who wants to feel sexy, beautiful and confident.”

Monica Dart studied Fine Art Photography in the UK and is in the process of planning and hosting boudoir workshops for photographers in South Africa and the UK.

For more detailed info and tips for having a boudoir shoot done, visit Monica’s website: