There are not many bridal couples that would readily agree to destroy their expensive and elegant wedding outfits after the guests have left the reception. But a new trend has hit the wedding photography industry, and can be seen on www.freetoflaunt.com. This shows a popular movement towards an entirely new style of wedding photography. This movement has become extremely popular amongst the modern brides and grooms of today, as well as amongst couples that enjoyed their wedding years ago and want to relive the day in a contemporary, fresh way. On looking at these photographs, these outfits may appear beyond repair. However, the vast majority are not permanently damaged at all, but need one good trip to the Laundromat to be revived.

Wedding photographers are frequently asked to take pictures that are ‘different’ to the traditional photos to which we have become accustomed. There are always limits set to how ‘different’ they can be while pushed for time and paying attention to keeping the outfits clean and neat. However, this trend releases photographers and couples from the binds of concern for the appearance of the clothes and allows them to be completely free, innovative and fun in their approach.

These wedding shoots are conducted after the ceremony and reception. In fact, some couples have waited days and even years before they have agreed to such adventurous shots. First, the photographer gets to know the couple, where they work, what they do, what their hobbies and interests are, and so on. Then, he or she incorporates this into a completely contemporary photo shoot that is about expressing the personality of the husband and wife in a fun, exciting and appropriate way. This has resulted in brides and grooms bungee jumping, rock climbing, skiing, surfing and swimming in their outfits. Artistic couples may splash one another with water-soluble paints, sporty couples may engage in a game of football and those in the medical field may portray a messy operating scene; all while wearing their wedding attire. Some couples choose to have photographs that are less outlandish, but that they could not have had on the day for fear of dirtying their outfits. These include sitting on the forest floor, or walking amongst dirty shipyards.

This does not mean that the couple has to be committed only to this style of photograph for their special day. They can still have traditional pictures taken of themselves, their wedding party and their guests. These are merely fun pictures that are usually more personalised and meaningful to the couple because of the reflection of what they find fun or interesting.

By using these fun photos as ‘Thank You’ cards for wedding presents received, the couple ensures that this part of their marriage can also be enjoyed by guests that did not witness the photo shoot. In addition, it makes for an even more memorable card and will certainly prompt much feedback from recipients.

Such a novel photo shoot makes for an ideal anniversary gift as it reminds the couple of the romance and preparations of their wedding day, while it also brings in the laughter and a definite mischievousness for both the husband and wife. Combined with the lack of nerves that no doubt plagued the couple on the day, this will be a more relaxed, natural shoot.

Photo Credit: www.wedding-pictures.org