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Here Comes the Drone!


If ever there was a way to ensure that you have your hubby-to-be’s full attention and cooperation with the wedding planning, it’s by mentioning the word “drones”. These little remote control operated planes have become all the rage in the world of moviemaking and photography, and now they’ve made it onto the wedding scene.

Most couples have a couple of reservations when they hear the word “drone”. Will it make a lot of noise? What if it flies into your aunty Muriel’s big hairdo? Or worse even – what if it crashes into your face while you’re walking down the aisle? These are all very misguided fears and things you needn’t worry about.

First of all, drone operators are fully trained and qualified to operate the drone in even the harshest conditions, so you don’t have to stress about the drone going rogue on the day. What’s more, the drones are completely silent and won’t interfere with the music or guest chatter.

Drones allow photographers and videographers to get shots from angles and distances that no human can possibly reach. For instance, a drone can circle your entire wedding party to capture the entire party or follow you down the aisle without you even noticing. It’s the year of the drone, so don’t shy away – embrace this new technology.

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