With so many guests snapping photos on their phones, I spy is an excellent game to introduce on your wedding day! The idea is to supply guests with a list of photo opportunities that they need to spy and snap throughout the day, with awesome prizes for the best shots. Here are a couple of little things and moments your guests can spy for:

  • The bridal couple kissing
  • One of the guests breaking it down on the dance floor
  • Something bright and sparkly
  • A sweet intimate moment between the bride and groom
  • A group photo of everyone at your table
  • The bride sharing a moment with her father
  • Most generations squeezed into one photo
  • The bride or groom having a good time
  • A selfie to rule all selfies!
  • Bride or groom playing with their wedding ring
  • Cutest couple of the day (aside from the bride and groom)
  • One of the guests shedding a tear
  • Your favourite decoration of the day
  • The groom sharing a special moment with a relative
  • Best laugh of the day
  • An adorable shot of the flower girl/ring bearer
  • Best dressed guest of the day
  • A yummy treat, wedding cake or dessert shot
  • Foodie shot of the main course
  • A close-up of the flowers

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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