Displaying personal photographs at your wedding reception engages your guests and, if they are included in some of the shots, involves them in a very personal way. These photographs can bring back happy memories, evoke a few chuckles, and share some of your more intimate moments as a couple with those closest to both of you. Bridal couples wanting to display photographs at their wedding have a few different options.

Digital Frames
Upload your favourite couple pictures as well as a wide selection of your closest friends and family members, most of which will likely be at the wedding. Include old photographs that have been scanned in as well as new pictures. Place several of these digital frames, which are widely available in most major outlets, throughout the wedding venue and have the photographs run on a ‘slideshow’ so that they change automatically. For an even greater variety of pictures, ask guests to bring a memory card of their own selection of photographs. These can be uploaded (assign someone to do this) at the reception and included in the slideshow. Being digital and, usually, tasteful in design, these work well for a modern wedding.

Cork Board
Include a request on your invitations that each guest brings a picture that will be meaningful to you and them. Place a large corkboard and plenty of thumbtacks at the entrance to your reception venue, and ask that guests each pin their photo to the board. Once everyone has arrived, you will have a collage of pictures of friends, family and yourselves. This is sure to keep guests occupied as they scan these photographs eagerly.

Load pictures into a slideshow on a laptop and screen these on a large white screen or even a white wall. As these loop, guests can point out old faces, laugh at photo bloopers, etc… It also adds a definite sense of nostalgia to the entire look and feel of the wedding and the reception venue.

Share the Wedding Experience
Ask each of the married couples coming to your wedding to bring one or more of their own wedding photographs to be displayed at the reception. This option is far easier for couples that have lots of married friends and family members, so that most of the guests feel involved in this way. Guests from different age groups will bring very different wedding photographs – black & white, 1980’s style, modern weddings, and so on. This creates a wonderful spectacle for others (who may even have attended those weddings).

Garland / Bunting Display
Paste some of your favourite photographs to cardboard or paper flowers and string these blooms together into a garland or bunting. The card can be the colour of your wedding, or can consist of various colours for a more vibrant effect. Hang this above the entrance, over the DJ or across a fireplace. If you would prefer to include guest photographs in this display, ask guests to provide some pictures to you well ahead of time.

By including such memories of those that are dearest to you or pictures of you and your new partner at various stages of your relationship, the wedding reception is given an even more special ambience of love, romance and nostalgia.

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