Having a photo booth at your wedding is becoming an increasingly popular trend, especially amongst trendy couples that want something a little more personal and different by which to remember their wedding day and the special people that celebrated it with them.

Having a photo booth presents several advantages:

  • Guests can have their photographs taken at their leisure, if and when they would like to. This makes for happier, more comfortable guests and more natural shots.
  • A photo booth inspires creativity and fun. Therefore, the pictures that result are usually a lot more funny, natural, silly and sweet.
  • A digital photo booth allows your guests to choose black and white or colour pictures, rendering an eclectic mix of pictures, rather than a collection of very similar shots.
  • It is different and, therefore, more memorable. This gives your wedding guests something to talk about and getting excited over.
  • You will not need to worry about bored guests staring at an empty dance floor. A photo booth guarantees hours of entertainment for young and old. As with many things in life, it only takes a few brave souls to start the trend and then the rest will flock to the booth in their hordes.
  • You can include a selection of props in a bucket outside the photo booth and encourage guests to use these. This will produce a collection of hilarious shots, some of which may be better left out of the official wedding album.
  • Place a blank chalkboard outside the booth and allow guests to write a personal message on it and hold it up during their photo booth shots. This will guarantee that you have personal sentiments from your friends and family captured on film.
  • There is no limit as to how many pictures you can take in your photo booth.
  • The photo booth can be hired for the entire duration of your celebrations and does not need to be paid extra for over time, unlike a professional photographer (it also does not need to be fed!).
  • After the big day, you can use your photo booth pictures to create a fun scrapbook that conveys the sense of joy and adventure that you felt on that night.
  • If you choose a digital photo booth, this can be connected to a TV or projector screen and the pictures being taken can be put on a slideshow for the wedding guests to appreciate.
  • For a new take on a guest book, ask each guest to stick one of their photo booth pictures onto a blank page in your signature book and write their message next to it. You will look at this book for years to come and remember these good times.
  • Having a photo booth means that your guest gifts can be related to this fun feature. For example, you could leave an empty photo sleeve or photo frame with a personalised message for each guest, encouraging them to choose the picture that they would like to take home with them as a guest favour.


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