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Photos of your special day are essential but most importantly it’s getting the relevant ones that matter. For her its leaving her home for the last time as a single women and him standing waiting for her at the altar checking his watch. Here are a list to guide you through your day and get those perfect pics.

Before the Ceremony

  • Bride getting her hair done
  • Bride getting her make up done
  • Bride getting dressed
  • The entorage arriving and getting hair and make-up done
  • Bride with mother
  • Bride with father
  • Bride with whole family
  • Bride with chief bridesmaid
  • Bride with bridesmaids & bridal party
  • Bride touching up make-up/hair before leaving
  • Bride leaving her home
  • Mum and Dad

At the Ceremony

  • Guests outside church/register office/civil venue
  • Groom and best man at the altar
  • Church before wedding
  • Bride and father getting out of car
  • Bride and entourage getting into positions
  • Bride and father going into venue
  • Usher escorting guests
  • Soloist and organist
  • Bridesmaids walking down aisle
  • Bride and father walking down the aisle
  • Father lifting the veil and kissing bride
  • Father handing her over to the groom
  • Bride and groom exchanging vows
  • Wide-angle view of service
  • Ring ceremony
  • Group shot at signing of register
  • Bride and groom walking up aisle
  • Bride and groom outside venue
  • Bride and groom getting into car

Before the Reception

  • Bride and groom
  • Bride and chief bridesmaid
  • Bride and bridesmaids
  • Bride, chief bridesmaid and bridesmaids
  • Groom
  • Groom and best man
  • Groom, best man and ushers
  • Bride and groom with all attendants
  • Bride with her parents
  • Bride with groom’s parents
  • Bride with both mothers
  • Bride with both fathers
  • Bride with both sets of parents
  • Groom with his parents
  • Groom with bride’s parents
  • Groom with both mothers
  • Groom with both fathers
  • Groom with both sets of parents
  • Bride and groom with bride’s parents
  • Bride and groom with groom’s parents
  • Bride and groom with both mothers
  • Bride and groom with both fathers
  • Bride and groom with both sets of parents
  • Bride and groom with entire wedding party and guests

At the Reception

  • Shot of reception area before any guests arrives
  • Entourage arriving
  • Bride and groom arriving
  • Bride and groom going into the reception
  • Receiving line
  • Bride and groom being wished well and receiving gifts
  • Cake table
  • Bride and grooms table
  • Bride and groom cutting the cake
  • Bride and groom toasting each other
  • Speeches
  • Musicians
  • Bride and groom’s first dance
  • Bride and father dancing
  • Groom and mother dancing
  • Bride throwing bouquet
  • Catching of bouquet
  • Bride and groom leaving and being wished well by parents
  • Bride and groom getting into car
  • Rear of car as it drives off


May sure you speak to your photographer before your wedding to make sure they are aware of what photos you want taken. Email / Fax the photographer the list and make sure to give one of your bridesmaids / groomsmen a copy the day before the wedding (as a precautionary measure).

Photo Credit: www.bangersandnash.com