With the advances made in both digital photography and post-production technology, wedding photographers today and no end to the effects that they are able to use on the photographs they have taken. These effects can range from eliminating red eyes to creating a visual spectacle that evokes the imagination and transports one into a fantasy world. The key is to communicate openly and honestly with the photographer so that they are aware of the motivation and vision that you have for your photographs.

Here are a few suggestions of effects, from minor to dramatic, that bridal couples and photographers may consider useful:

  • Insert a white frame around part of the picture (e.g. the bride and groom’s faces or the rings) and leave the focal point in colour, while the area outside of the frame is in black and white or sepia
  • Intensify the contrasts for a modern, striking photograph
  • Place an image of the bride and groom on top of the wedding cake, in a champagne flute, sitting in the clouds, etc… This shot needs forethought and preparation as the couple will be required to be in a particular pose for the final effect to be accomplished successfully
  • Position the bride and groom in a way that creates the effect of her calling him or casting a spell on him with her hand outstretched. Insert stars, sparkles or flames emitting from her hand to create a spell-like effect and have him react (by being drawn to her, or under the spell of love)
  • Position the bride and groom in the foreground and background and play around with the perception of where they are. By putting him in front and her far at the back, it looks like she is much smaller, for instance. Likewise, by doing the same with him, she can pretend to be holding him in the palm of her hand
  • Use one great shot of the bride, groom or both of them together and insert different backgrounds to create different scenes (such as fairytale fantasy, a children’s play land, romantic night sky or deserted island)
  • Add sweet captions, poetic quotes or romantic comments to the photographs
  • A very popular trend at the moment is to highlight only one part of the picture in colour, while the rest is in black and white. The colour can be applied to elements such as the bride’s eyes or the groom’s tie or socks
  • Use an element from the wedding and write a message on it for the guests’ “Thank You” cards. For example, write a message out of the confetti she used, or use the signage that was at the reception to carry a personalised note for each guest
  • Take a photograph as champagne is poured into a larger glass than a flute. Using design programmes, combine the splash of champagne in the glass with an image of a rose to make it look like the champagne has formed the bloom with its liquid
  • Choose a group photograph and have only the bride or bridal couple in colour while the bridesmaids, maid of honour, best man and groomsmen are all in black and white

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