Your wedding photographs are very special treasures that remind you of the fun and romance of your big day. Often, they are the only remnant of your wedding. Over the years, you will look at them hundreds of times. You will show your friends and family and, one day, even your future children. There is no doubt, therefore, that these pictures are timeless gems. For this reason, it is vital that you consider using a professional photographer. The advantages to using a pro include:

  • One Opportunity – you have only one chance to capture these memories. Do not feel obligated to use a friend or relative of whose abilities you are not convinced. This will only leave you disappointed at the end result and, possibly, resenting the person that took your photographs for you.
  • Professional Equipment – a professional photographer brings along his or her own equipment. Such equipment is expensive, but is designed for just such occasions. This means that your photographs will not be ruined by bad lighting or wobbly hands. Rather, the equipment will ensure that the photographer makes the most out of your venues and backdrops. If anything breaks, the photographer will likely have a back-up or replacement, not negotiating on the quality of your shots.
  • Knowledge of Fashions and Trends – good wedding photographers should have some knowledge of the modern trends in photography in general and bridal photography in particular. This means that you will get trendy, yet tasteful, pictures that stand out from the more traditional style of wedding pics. While chic, wedding photographs should never be over the top, as fashions change and you do not want to be left with a bizarre collection of pictures that may have been more appropriate in the fashion catalogues of yesteryear. A professional photographer will be able to discern the fine line and cater to your needs and desires accordingly.
  • Unique Styles– whilst flexible, many photographers favour certain styles, in which they excel. Whether it is vintage, classic or post-modern, this style will add a new dimension to your collection, setting them apart significantly from unqualified photographers.
  • Post-production Techniques – after years of experience, most photographers have perfected the art of removing red eyes, evening out skin tone and softening harsh lighting, whether on their camera or during post-production. This yields a more flattering and higher-quality set of shots. They can also include colouration and shading effects and more.
  • Packages – included in the fee for hiring a professional photographer is usually a few added extras, such as a collated wedding album, a disc with your pictures on or an area on the photographer’s website in which all of your pictures appear. This is handy and provides more value for your money.
  • Legal Protection – professional photographers need to protect themselves with formal contracts and conditions of service. These, in turn, protect you as the client from unexpected surprises, provided that you read carefully through the contract and are happy with it.
  • References – professional photographers should have a portfolio of wedding photographs that they have taken as well as a list of contactable references. This will give you some idea of the quality of his or her work and will grant you peace of mind when agreeing to hire a particular photographer.

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