A good, understanding relationship between the bridal couple and their photographer is of utmost importance. It allows both of them to feel informed and comfortable with one another’s expectations. As a couple, you should be happy with the abilities, professionalism and attitude of your photographer before employing him or her to attend your wedding. The following questions will enable you to clear up any confusion and to get a sense of the photographer’s suitability for you:

  • Are you the actually photographer that will be working on our wedding should we choose you? If not, can we meet that person to discuss our needs and questions?
  • Do you have a specific style that you prefer to use in wedding pictures such as contemporary, photojournalist, relaxed, artistic and so on?
  • What make and model of camera do you use? Why?
  • Do you make use of digital photography? (this allows for post-production and editing of the pictures taken)
  • Do you work with assistants? If so, are they included in your fee and can we meet them?
  • How many other events are you working on on the day of our wedding? Can we have a copy of your timetable?
  • What back-up plan have you got in case you are running later, your equipment fails or one of your assistants is not able to make it?
  • Do you only photograph weddings?
  • Can we see a portfolio for other weddings that you have worked on that are similar to ours in terms of size and style?
  • Have you ever photographed a wedding at the ceremony and / or reception venues that we are using? Are there any tips or precautions that we should know about based on your experience of these?
  • What kind of equipment will you be bringing?
  • Do you develop your own film?
  • Can we have or buy the negatives from you for our own use?
  • How many pictures do you usually take at the average wedding?
  • There are certain shots that we would like, can we give you a list of these to ensure that they appear?
  • Do you plan to take pictures of our guests? How do you normally go about this to ensure you include everyone?
  • How long will you be at our reception for?
  • If we need you to stay longer, do you have an overtime rate?
  • What will you wear?
  • How long can we expect to wait for the finished products?
  • Is a wedding album included with our photographs? How will you arrange our pictures?
  • Do you use any sort of post-production effects (such as part-colouration, shrinking, elimination of minor flaws)?
  • How many photographs can I expect to receive?
  • Do you belong to any professional bodies?
  • Do you have legitimate portfolios and references that we can see and contact?
  • Can our guests take pictures while you are busy? (This should be done fairly and reasonably as the photographer is working to create the best shot for which you are paying)
  • Will you require a meal, refreshments and table?
  • Do you have liability insurance?

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