Proposing to your significant other is such a special, personal moment that it is not always easy to decide on how best to do it. We have compiled some ideas, but should warn you that your choice depends entirely on your dynamic as a couple and each of your unique personalities, which play a major role. So, use these as guides but make sure that what you do is special for you, rather than relying on a textbook formula.

  • Get a friend to take a photograph of you presenting your ring while down on one knee. Write your message and proposal on the back of the photograph and get it hand-delivered to her at her office or home. Be ready in person with the ring once she has read your proposal.
  • Take her on a romantic trail on horseback through bushy paths or along the beach. During a peaceful, reflective moment (perhaps at sunset), present her with the ring. For a great venue, see
  • Write and illustrate a storybook narrating the tale of your relationship so far (how you met, things you did together, and so on). End it with you proposing to her and awaiting an answer. This is just the beginning of an entirely new chapter of your lives, so be ready to continue your book for many years to come.
  • Take a hot air balloon ride out to a secluded spot, where a table for two should be set up and bedecked with scrumptious food. As you sip on some champagne together, use this very personal moment to pop the question.
  • Write your proposal on a piece of paper, burn the edges and stain the paper with a wet teabag to make it look aged. Insert it into a glass bottle. Take her to the beach the following day. Stroll off on your own for a short while and then rush back excitedly, claiming to have found the bottle in the sand. Let her open it to read the message and be ready with her engagement ring.
  • If she is a teacher, arrange that you get some time to meet with the children in her absence. Instruct them all to draw a picture of you giving her a ring with the words “Will you marry (insert your name)?” on it. The next day, as each child puts their drawing on her desk, she will soon get the picture!
  • Give her three stems of her favourite flower. As you hand the first to her, tell her that it represents the past you have shared so far. Give her the second and remind her how happy you are to be with her right now as this flower represents the present. Tie your ring to the third rose and hand it to her in symbol of the future.
  • If you and your partner are more fun and adventurous, devise a playful treasure hunt for her. After several clues and a bit of exploration, she should find you on your knee with her gorgeous ring.

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