If you are one of the adventurous couples that have chosen to have an engagement photo shoot, you likely want it to stand out. It should reflect you and your partner as well as the nature of the relationship that you share. But, it should also embrace the opportunity to be more fun and frivolous than formal wedding photographs usually allow. It is important to have engagement photographs taken as this marks the beginning of a journey from deciding on marriage to your new life together as husband and wife. These ideas are designed to spark the imagination, and can be used to create a one-of-a-kind photo shoot:

Hit the City

Go to town, literally. As a couple, take the bus, tubes or taxis and explore the city as your photographer takes candid shots of the two of you, just being you. Talk over a cappuccino, walk through the park, admire art in a gallery, have a picnic in a public square or race one another down the main street. This is about capturing the love and playfulness within a neutral, well-known environment. The city centre allows for endless creativity and innovation with its variety of backdrops.

Plagued by Paparazzi

A couple that is known for their extensive social circles and busy lifestyle may opt for ‘paparazzi’ style pictures, which have been made to look like they were captured by the media as the couple tries to spend time together away from the public eye. These should include pictures of you trying to escape from the cameraman (blocking your faces as you run from him or her), kissing in a secluded spot (the photographer should take this shot from behind a bush or through a window) and stealing precious moments oblivious of the photographer’s presence. This celebrity-style photo shoot is novel and fun, giving both you and your photographer plenty of room for imagination.

Heart Racing Romance

Indulge in a sport, gym session or adventure together, if you are a couple that is usually fond of such activities. Reflect your passion and hobbies by going white water rafting, riding on elephants, cycling, golfing, playing a game of cricket, or going to the gym. There is plenty of opportunity for creativity here and the photographer needs to be able to give you good direction and to understand what your motivation for such a shoot is, so be sure to communicate this clearly. A gym may not seem like the most romantic place, but stretching over from your respective stationary bikes for a kiss or helping one another with the dumbbells can make for a fun, sweet moment.

Cruising on Love

Hire or borrow a vintage car or an old model of the Volkswagen Beetle or Minibus. Use it as a prop in every photograph to make it a third character. Suntan on its roof, eat ice lollies in the front seat, barbecue with the car in the background, snooze on the back seat or work on the car together. This is especially effective if you have actually owned such a car.

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen

A photo shoot of the two of you working together to cook or bake something in the kitchen is intimate, personal and a hint of how you expect married life to be. Decide on one dish and be playful as you make it. Feed one another chocolate icing, sprinkle sugar on his hair, feed her the cupcakes you have made and chase each other around with wooden spoons and whisks. This is a very flexible option.

Guest Appearance

Choose one item that is meaningful but arbitrary and include it in every photograph to keep viewers interested in finding it. Hide it, hold it, wear it or have someone flashing it in the background. This is especially appropriate for couples that are a little “off the wall”, loved for their unique approach to life. Your item could be a blow-up kangaroo, pair of army boots, frying pan or Japanese flag.

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