Question cards are not only a fun way to keep guests entertained throughout the evening, but they also make for a funny and emotional read after the wedding day. If you’re not really sure how to approach this, here are a couple of questions you can put to your guests:

  • How should we celebrate our 1-year wedding anniversary?
  • How many kids should we have and what should we name them?
  • What is the first thing we should buy for the house as a married couple?
  • Which place in SA would you recommend we pay a visit to?
  • Describe us in one word / sentence. (Have these lines illustrated by a designer and printed on a canvas)
  • After the honeymoon, at which place would you like to meet for a catch up?
  • What colour should we paint our house / kitchen / living room?
  • Which country should we visit on our next trip overseas?
  • What should we do on date night?
  • What is the one thing we should put on our bucket list?
  • What should we name our first-born child / first pet?
  • Where do you see us in XX years?

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