Using chalkboards at your wedding is fun, trendy and relatively inexpensive, as their purposes are manifold and they can be recycled for use around the home after your wedding. They are also fabulous additions to the stock of wedding planners and venues to offer to engaged couples as part of their décor.

Chalkboards are ultra-versatile because they can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition, a chalk pen can be used for a cleaner, longer-lasting effect than sticks of chalk.

Here are some ideas for using chalkboards to make your day even more special:

  • Set the scene by sending out mini chalkboards as wedding invites. These can be in the form of small wooden hearts painted with board paint, or as schoolroom-style boards printed onto cards (for a more economical option).
  • Hold up chalkboards with cute messages on them in your wedding photographs.
  • Place blank chalkboards and chalk around the venue and encourage your guests to leave personal messages on them for you to preserve.
  • Write the table plan, programmes and menus on chalkboards to carry the theme through effectively.
  • Include a photo booth and its own chalkboards as props on which your guests can write and with which they can pose.
  • Instead of floral bouquets, have each bridesmaid carry a chalkboard heart with a word like “family”, “happiness” or “love” written on it. The heart can be held by a pretty string or ribbon to soften the effect.
  • Guest gifts can be in the form of little chalkboards with magnets on the back so that guests will always remember your fun theme.

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