We just love stationery items that both inform and serve a practical purpose, and having your menu printed on a paper bag is the perfect example of just this. So what to put inside these nifty little menu bags, you ask? Well, the options are endless – here are some ideas:

  • Fill it with a surprise guest favour, for instance bowties for the gents and lovely handkerchiefs for the ladies, or edible favours like homemade biscuits, candies or chocolate.
  • Pack it full of little bites to sustain your guests through the speeches and from one course to the next.
  • Place refresher mints or chewing gum inside to cleanse the mouth before dinner time.
  • Vouchers or coupons – perhaps for the bar (in the event of a cash bar) or for the spa or restaurant at the hotel where all your guests will be staying at.
  • Spices and condiments are ideal since guests can either take it home or enjoy it there and then, with their meal.
  • Use the bag as packaging for a mini baguette, cheeses or bread sticks to cleanse the palette in between the courses.
  • Napkins or wet wipes! This is especially ideal if the table is looking too cluttered as it is.
  • Instead of placing the cutlery around the plate, place it inside the baggy – out of the way!
  • Fill the bag with fresh herbs to add fragrance to the table and give guests a whiff of what the main course will bring.
  • For an organic themed wedding, place a little plant, succulent or herb seedling inside the paper bag for decoration and for guests to plant after the wedding.

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