wedding guest book ideas

Asking your wedding guests to leave a personal message for you at the reception is a great way of getting spontaneous sentiments as well as of preserving the really special memories of that happy day. While a traditional book is practical and cost-effective, there are other innovative options that may fit better within your theme and add a certain twist to your décor.

Some of these include:

  • Have an object that your guests can sign, which can be displayed or used in your home afterwards – such as a cricket bat, a chalkboard or a garden bench.
  • Create a scrapbook of meaningful photos and quotes, and get your guest to add their messages amongst these.
  • Draft a calendar with only the dates (no year or days assigned to each date) and ask your guests to write a message on their birthday or their own wedding anniversary, helping you to remember this information in the future.
  • Get a blank porcelain plate or vase on which they can write with a special porcelain pen.
  • Erect a ‘tree’ of wire or twigs with paper leaves. Guests can remove a leaf, write on it and then replace it.
  • Make a quilt with blank areas in which guests can write with a fabric pen. This is a very special keepsake.
  • Source a puzzle of blank pieces (these can easily be made by signage companies). Each guest should write on one of the puzzle pieces and you can put it together afterwards into a meaningful collage.

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