Wedding Specials

Your wedding day is pretty special as it is – but the right combination of wedding specials can make it even better! This is especially true when you consider how good it feels to save a little money and be able to afford the honeymoon of your dreams. 

Wedding specials are often discounted on the fact that “it just sounds way too good go be true”. However the following wedding deals are brought to you by some of the Free State’s most reputed service providers, all dedicated to offering professional and quality services. So just because you’re paying a lower price, doesn’t mean they’ll compromise on quality – after all, their reputations are at stake! cont...

The trick to wedding deals is to refrain from buying into every wedding special and promotion that comes your way. Make sure it’s something that’s on your must-have list and not a luxury as this will cause you to over-spend rather than save money at the end of the day. It’s therefore essential to have your checklist in place before you start splurging on wedding deals.

Combination deals are especially handy as it generally offers you a much needed extra along with a service that you’ve already got your eye on. A good example of such an instance is where the wedding venue offers you free accommodation on your wedding night. Be sure to find out about deals like this before booking your venue as the saving might just be enough to help you make the final decision. ...less

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