Wedding Specials

Nowadays most couples tend to pay for the bulk of their own wedding. While family members might make contributions or choose to pay for certain aspects of the big day, the fact remains that you'll probably have to rely on your own ingenuity and wedding specials to afford the wedding of your dreams

In the following pages you'll find an tantalising selection of Gauteng wedding deals that will help lessen the financial burden of this special day, and ultimately leave you with a couple of pennies in the bag for the honeymoon. In fact, you might just find that a small bridal discount here and a wedding special there can quickly add up to pay for the five-tier wedding cake you thought was completely out of the question! cont...

Aside from bridal discounts, some of the service providers listed below also offer free extras and freebies that you can enjoy on the wedding day or thereafter. What's more, perks like getting free accommodation for your wedding night at your wedding venue make it somewhat less painful to fork over the big money, and combination wedding deals can ultimately mean the difference between a lovely wedding day and an unforgettable one.

While it's only natural to be suspicious and think that a half price package will also be half the quality or value, you can put all those troubled thoughts to bed. All the wedding specials listed are brought to you by some of Gauteng's most reputable service providers, so you can rest assured that you won't only save money, but you'll get full bang for your buck. ...less

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