Cuff Him! { Groom Accessories }

By The Celebration Team 18 Feb, 2016

Cuff Him! { Groom Accessories }

Don’t be fooled into thinking grooms don’t need wedding accessories! One of our favourites is cufflinks. Forming a traditional part of any formal men’s attire, cufflinks are something that most grooms are drawn towards on a day as special as their wedding day.

Then again, even though it’s traditional, there’s no reason why you can’t put a quirky twist on these priceless accessories – we’ve got some ideas:

  • Visit a jeweler and have his cufflinks custom made with your monogram, and surprise him with it on the wedding day.
  • Opt for cufflinks that portray his hobbies and interests – like little silver guitars, golf balls, or even bullet casings.
  • Aside from the groom, also surprise the father of the groom and the groomsmen with their very own fancy cufflinks.
  • Keep it simple with silver or gold, or add a touch of colour to make it even more quirky.
  • Draw inspiration from your wedding theme – for instance, if you’re all about foxes, rabbits or birds, buy cufflinks that match.
  • Make DIY cufflinks! Simply buy the actual cuff pins from a tailor or jewelry store and attach and trinket (like Scrabble tiles, glass pebbles or beads) to the link.

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