Your wedding day is getting closer, and you need to stay on top of everything! With this emergency kit on hand, you can rest assured that nothing will go wrong.

  • Band-Aids in case your new shoes aren’t foot friendly.
  • Bottle of water because hydration is key!
  • Breath mints so the first kiss is memorable and beautiful.
  • Money in case you run into an emergency on the way to the venue.
  • Cell phone so your bridesmaids can stay on top of things.
  • Chalk to conceal smears or smudges on your white dress.
  • Clear nail polish in case you get a run in your stocking or a nail semi-breaks.
  • Comb/brush to keep your hair in check at all times.
  • For keeping your lovely locks looking fresh, gorgeous and tangle free.
  • Dental floss/toothpicks so that your main course doesn’t stay with you all night!
  • Extra earring butterflies because they get lost so easily!
  • An extra pair of stockings just in case the cat gets hold of pair number 1.
  • Eye drops to prevent dry and itchy eyes in your photos.
  • Hair spray and pins – need we even say more?
  • Headache tablets in case the stress gets too much.
  • Mini sewing kit, safety pins, hem tape and scissors.
  • Mini make-up kit so you keep looking fresh all night long.
  • Sticky tape and prestik to tie up loose ends at the venue.
  • Sanitary products, just in case!
  • Tissues to catch the tears of joy.
  • Tweezers in case one or two brow hairs went astray.
  • Wet wipes to clean sticky hands – perhaps not even yours!

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