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Eye Love You { Contact Lenses }


Before you click past this post thinking “I don’t even wear contacts”, take a moment to consider the many options these tiny spectacles hold for your wedding day!

First off, if you are in fact a spectacled bride to be, don’t ever feel pressured to change to contact lenses for your big day. There used to be a big stigma around glasses, and many brides ended up going about their wedding day in a blur. However, glasses are trendy, fun and funky and you should never let anyone dissuade you from rocking yours on your big day!

However there are many pros to wearing contact lenses on your big day – whether you need them or not:

  • They allow you to change the colour of your eyes, even if only for a couple of photos.
  • They can enhance your existing eye colour – for instance if you have blue eyes that “change with the weather”, contacts are a great way to ensure that your eyes are bluer than blue on your big day.
  • Unlike glasses that might fall off during dancing and photo shoots, contacts are extremely comfortable.
  • As a fun guest favour, give your guests quirky contacts to change their eyes (like cats, alligators, zombies, etc.)

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