wedding garter moments

One of the most fantastic moments when you attend a wedding is when you get to see the bride and groom really having fun!

One of the moments which always result in a few giggles is when it’s time for the garter to be removed and thrown to the unmarried men. What makes these few minutes really amazing and priceless is that it’s more than often not a planned part of the wedding day making it one of those extra wedding moments which are also very often forgotten by the bride and groom.

The removal of the garter and the garter throwing is not always something easy for a photographer to capture due to all the movement involved and how quick it takes place, but it’s totally worth that priceless shot if your photographer can get it. So, make sure to add it to the list of photographs to have captured on your special day.

So much happens on your wedding day and you won’t remember everything, so capture those special and unique moments like the throwing of the garter – you won’t regret it!
Check out the people who have been captured on camera – such fun, don’t you think?!

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