Ring Finger Flirting { Tips & Tricks }

By The Celebration Team 03 Sep, 2015

Ring Finger Flirting { Tips & Tricks }

Of all your fingers, the ring finger should catch all the shine on your wedding day. But aside from having the wedding band slide onto it, how else can you draw all eyes to this remote side of your hand? Well, we might have some ideas.

Even if you don’t consider yourself the tattoo and piercings type, why not consider getting a small dainty bit of ink on your ring finger? It can be anything from your wedding date or hubby’s name to something more subtle like a heart, infinity sign or a tiny knot.

If that’s a little too permanent for your liking, consider a tiny temporary metallic finger tattoo. These can be applied using only water and last for about two weeks. Alternatively, go the more traditional route with some henna art that’s focussed on and around your special finger.

Draw attention to your nails – or more specifically your ring finger nail. This can be achieved by painting it a different though complementary colour to the rest of your fingers or opting for a single gold glittery nail. For something a little more simplistic, simply paint a tiny heart on that nail and that nail alone.

Lastly, make the most of rings – and we’re not just talking wedding rings. Midi rings are absolutely stunning and can be lined up between the finger knuckles – two, three, even four in a row. We also love the idea of tying a small ribbon around your ring finger which hubby must untie before he can slip your permanent wedding band on.