Your wedding veil forms an important part of your bridal attire, and goes a long way in making you look and feel every bit as beautiful as you deserve. Some may find them too traditional or old fashioned, but their sheer variety actually allows almost everyone to find one that best suits them and the style of their wedding.

There are, generally speaking, three main veil styles (determined primarily by their length):

  • Full length – sometimes known as Cathedral length, this is the most formal and classic of veil styles. It either touches the floor or trails behind the bride. Clumsy brides-to-be beware! These can death traps if you do not become accustomed to wearing them before the time.
  • Medium length – this veil ends at the elbow or the fingertips and is the most flexible style of veil. It suits formal or informal settings and almost any dress design.
  • Short length – this is known as a Blusher, and ends at the shoulder line. This is great for relaxed, funky weddings, particularly those that are held during the day.

Do not be afraid of adding some colour or texture to your attire in the form of your veil. This means that your dress can be as traditional or plain as you prefer, but your veil becomes the feature. It is also easy to remove for photographs in which you would prefer the focus to be on your dress. It is of paramount importance that the colour of your dress and veil match. If they are both white, ensure that they are the same shade of white, so that they complement one another perfectly.

For more tips and guidelines, look at our article on bridal veils.

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