If there’s two things we can learn from fairytale princesses, it’s that birds will sing along if you have a sugary sweet voice and gloves can turn any dress into a gown that’s fit for a princess. Gloves are simply the epitome of elegance and screams (or rather delicately voices) femininity. Choosing a pair however is sometimes even trickier than getting birds to sing along when you hum as the options are just so endless.

The two most common lengths are:

  • Wrist-length: This type of glove has a cute and playful yet old world character to it that works extraordinarily well with indie-style dresses and ankle-length tea gowns.
  • Elbow length: A very popular type of glove, these go perfectly with heart-neck line dresses and princess ball gowns.

When it comes to fabric, the most popular choices are:

  • Satin gloves: This shiny fabric works well to create a princess look (especially when elbow length) and also goes well with a more contemporary themed wedding like LA-themed.
  • Lace gloves: From forest fairy to burlesque – you simply cannot go wrong with a pair of enchanting yet sexy lace gloves (unless your dress is incredibly detailed in which case it’s best to stick to a simple fabric or leave the gloves altogether).
  • Crocheted: So very very vintage and lady-like! Crocheted gloves are usually wrist-length with a pretty “collar” at the wrist side.

And then you get a number of styles:

  • Middle-finger gloves: Looped only around the middle finger, these gloves don’t cover your hands and fingers but create the most beautiful triangular adornment on the back of your hand – very detailed and romantic.
  • Fingerless gloves: These gloves are usually made of lace and don’t cover the fingers. They do however cover the palm and back of your hand drawing the eye to your long and slim fingers which really should be the centre of attention for obvious reasons.
  • Sleeve gloves: Reaching from your upper arm, elbow or lower arm, these gloves end at the wrist creating an interesting semi-sleeved effect.
  • Flared wrists: Whether it be wrist length gloves with a frill at the arm side, or a sleeve glove with the frill at the wrist side, flared wrists create the most magical and fairytale-like appearance. Don’t wear these with a frilly gown though.

Other things to consider:

  • A decorated “collar”: This is the top end of the glove and can be adorned with a different type of fabric or beading.
  • Back of hand decoration: Consider attaching a simple bow or sparkly decoration to the back of your hand as this is the part that shows when holding the bouquet.
  • Will your ring fit over the glove or will you need to take it off?
  • Wear it for your wedding night too – from elegant to kinky.

For more ideas on Wedding Gloves or to check out the original photos displayed above and their credits, make sure to check out our Wedding Gloves Pinterest board!


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