wedding hankies

Whether it’s to wipe away tears of joy or dab at a touch of smudged lipstick, hankies are a very handy must-have for every wedding day. With the return of vintage, handmade handkerchiefs have made a stunning comeback, in the fashion realms of both gentlemen and ladies.

Aside from the practicality of it, handkerchiefs bring a certain air of regal elegance to the moment. Back in the day, ladies everywhere would whip out their beautifully adorned handkerchiefs to wave over a waiter or dab at their leaking tear ducts, and we can’t imagine a more sophisticated carry-along. Let’s look at ways to make it part of the most special and tearful day of your life:

  • If you’re nifty with needle and thread, embroider each guest’s name on a handkerchief – a stylish and personal yet affordable guest favour.
  • Place a small pack of tissues on each guest’s seat at the ceremony venue, and be sure to slip one in your and your bridesmaids’ purses.
  • We love the idea of having your wedding invitations or church programmes printed on fabric handkerchiefs!
  • Some hankies are just too beautiful to hide away! Turn them into stunning vintage bunting or a cute little bridal zipper purse.
  • Surprise your mother with a handmade mother-of-the-bride handkerchief as a way of saying that you’ll always be around to console her, even though you’re married now.


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