Wedding Socks

By The Celebration Team 26 May, 2016

Wedding Socks

Who would ever have thought that SOCKS of all things could be such a fantastic gift, wedding favour or way to ask your groomsman / best man to be apart of your big day? Getting creative with your wedding socks makes for great photography, extra chit-chat and laughs.

If you're looking for ways of getting creative and doing something unique, here are some ideas for wedding socks:

  • Give the bridal party (who are wearing socks on the day) a pair of their own socks with their wedding role printed on the sock e.g. Groomsman, Best Man, Ring Bearer, etc.
  • Give socks with the bride and groom's name and date to your guests as unique wedding favours.
  • Have your men in the bridal party where a funky style of sock which is polka dot / strips and colourful - this makes for great photos!
  • Give the groomsman / best man box which includes a pair of socks when asking your friend / family member to play a specific role. Give a pair of socks, T-shirt and
  • Brides: Send a gift along with a friend to your groom with a special message wrapped around the sock e.g. For the Groom, Just in case you gët COLD FEET, these socks will keep you warm."
  • Bridesmaids: For the hen party or bachelorette, have some printed socks make with the TEAM [BRIDENAME] and the date as a keepsake of your so-called last night together before the bride is no longer a single lady.

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