Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses

By The Celebration Team 11 Jul, 2014

Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses

The idea of always being a bridesmaid, but never the bride does not have to be depressing with all the beautiful bridesmaid dresses available these days. Bridesmaids don't have to wear matching dresses and in fact, thanks to the latest designer trends, bridesmaids can choose a dress that flatters their body!

We did a bit of research on popular bridesmaid dress trends:

  • Knee-length or cocktail style dresses have become very popular, since they can be worn again. Therefore dresses are very modern, sexy and flattering. (Gone are the days of puffy sleeves!)
  • Empire-style dresses create a romantic look and feel. This style is very flattering and hides a tummy.
  • Strapless dresses accentuate the neck and shoulders for an elegant and feminine look. One-shouldered dresses are also quite popular these days. The asymmetric look is very sassy, but also delicate and feminine. Just remember to invest in a proper strapless bra if you are planning on one of these styles.
  • Feminine touches such as lace, floral details, beads, sequins and soft chiffons are big news. And bright colours are back with a bang. Think hot pink, coral, apple green, emerald, orange or yellow. That being said, classic colours always work well and flatter all body types. Think grey, navy, chocolate brown and black.
  • All in one dresses that can be styled in different ways is a popular trend as it makes for a dress that can also be re-used in different ways after the big day!

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