Bridal Collars

By The Celebration Team 30 Apr, 2013

Bridal Collars

Oh, gran would be so proud! Collars are back and prettier than ever and, even though they're not all that revealing, you'll agree that they're the epitome of femininity. In fact, there's no denying that collars über sexy in a sophisticated, innocent and timeless kind of way.

While there are certain exceptions, collars are generally best worn without a necklace due to their detailed nature. Instead, be sure to add a little bling with a striking bracelet or something a little more dramatic like an elaborate hair fascinator or hat.

Also be wary of wearing a collar just for the sake of, well, wearing a collar as they don't necessarily flatter every shape and size. For instance, if you have broad shoulders, rather veer away from a high collar as this could make your shoulders appear even bigger than they actually are.

Here are a few of our favourite collar ideas for this season – be inspired by the prettiness!

  • If you're planning a more contemporary wedding, consider something a little sexier like a low-cut V-neckline with a "business woman" collar. If you're more daring at heart, why not go all out with a strapless dress and separate collar.
  • For a lovely and all too charming vintage inspired look, opt for a cutesy Peter Pan collar or a baby doll button-up collar. This is definitely one of the exceptions to the "no necklace" rule and a dainty golf necklace, preferably an heirloom, is sure to complete the look. If you're a little quirky at heart, adding a fancy bow tie to the mix for that added oooh-factor.
  • The romantic at heart might prefer the ultra-feminine high rising lace collar (that can rise as far up as under the chin) or a neckline made with sheer fabric. Both lace and sheer are also ideal for the bride who wants to wear strapless but has a scar or touch of baby fat on her torso.
  • On the more "cultural side" of things, there's the oh-so sexy Grecian collar – i.e. a rounded embellished neckline – or the more subdued high-cut Japanese kimono-inspired collar.

Chat to your Bridal Wear company about possibly options and / or more ideas!

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