There’s something so incredibly glamorous and magnificent about hats – perhaps it’s the way it frames the face, or maybe it’s the way it completes a formal ensemble? The fact is, hats are synonymous with grace and elegance, making it all the more fitting for a traditional yet contemporary and visually striking affair.

Finding a hat that completes your bridal look however, can be a challenge. So off the top of our heads (mind the pun), let’s look at a couple of tips for choosing the right hat:

  • Consider your bodily proportions – for instance, a short bride should stick to a small dainty hat to avoid looking like a coffee table, while a plus-sized bride should balance her body with a medium-sized headpiece.
  • The hat should be in proportion with your dress – in other words, don’t wear a teeny-weeny hat if you’re donning a princess gown.
  • Even if you’re having your hat custom designed and made, it’s wise to try on a number of styles and shapes before settling on a final design.
  • Make sure the hat doesn’t create unsightly shadows across your face as this might wreck your wedding pictures.
  • To measure your head for a hat size, wrap a measuring tape around your head – about 2 cm above the ear – and loosen it by the width of one finger.
  • Opt for a simple hairstyle like loose locks, a bob or an elegant up-do. All in all, the hat should be the main focus yet you should still look presentable without it.
  • Because hats tend to be rather dramatic, it can detract attention from your face, so opt for striking make-up that enhances your features.

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