Buckle up! { Bridal Belts }

By The Celebration Team 01 Jul, 2013

Buckle up! { Bridal Belts }

Back in the day they might have been used for the practical purpose of holding up the pants or skirt, but nowadays wearing a belt is all about completing the visual ensemble. While this fashion item might seem small and insignificant, a belt has the ability to turn an entire outfit on its head – whether it be for the good or the bad. Therefore it’s important not to think of a belt as a last-minute accessory but rather as an integral part of the big picture.

First things first, decide where you want to wear your belt – around the waist or on the hips:

  • Wearing it around your waist will essentially highlight your middle – ideal if yours is small and slender. Because it almost cuts your silhouette in half, a belt worn around the waist has the ability to make a tall bride appear of average length. What’s more, a waist-belt creates an hourglass effect, which makes it ideal for someone without curves.
  • A belt worn on the hips tends to create the illusion of a long, slender upper body – perfect if you’re not a fan of your own proportions. On the downside however, it can make your legs look shorter – something to bear in mind if you’re pocket-sized.

If you want the shape without “cutting” your silhouette in such an extreme fashion, opt for a belt of the same colour as that of your wedding dress and perhaps even the same fabric – very subtle and flattering. We also love elegant pearly belts and feminine pastel waist ribbons!

Be sure to play around with all kinds of belt embellishments like silk flowers, buckles, feather pieces and diamante shapes to add a little extra bling to your swing.

LAST NOTE: Make sure the width of the belt is proportionate to the size of your body – for instance, if you’re of a heavy build, a slim belt might look miniscule against your body, making you look bigger than you actually are.

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