There is just something about a corset that is simply irresistible – while it adds a touch of vintage nostalgia, it can also be very sexy! Whether it’s a short lace-up bodice or a corset that’s woven down to below your hips, there’s no denying that a corset is a bride’s best friend.

The main purpose of a corset is to ensure that your dress fits snugly and beautifully – made for your body and yours alone. For this very reason, a corset is the ideal solution if you’re planning on buying a dress and you’re worrying that it won’t fit as perfectly as it should.

On the flip side, a corset bodice means that you don’t have to stress about your weight fluctuating a little bit in the lead up to your wedding day. Whether you lose a kilogram or two or gain a centimeter, the corset can be adjusted to fit you on your wedding day – no alterations required!

The corset string is another element of the design that can be changed to suit your personal style. While a simple white ribbon is timeless and elegant, choosing a colour that contrasts with your dress keeps life a bit more interesting. You can also play around with various textures, and why not look up alternative ways of threading a corset?

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