Embrace the Bling { Sequined Gowns }

By The Celebration Team 14 Aug, 2017

Embrace the Bling { Sequined Gowns }

It’s no secret that we love all things sparkling! Sparkling wine, sparkling glassware and, now also, sparkling dresses. Sequin wedding gowns are all the rage at the moment, and we love the fact that brides are embracing the opportunity to go all out on their wedding day. After all, when’s the next time you’ll have an excuse to sparkle from top to toe?

If you like the idea of sparkle but you’d still like to keep it traditional, white sequins are just what you’re looking for. While the dress will look traditionally white at first glance, it will light up when the sun hits the sequins. Another option is to dress your bridesmaids in sequined dresses while you keep it simple with a white wedding gown.

For simple and contemporary look, opt for a gown that’s covered in a uniform layer of sequins – no patterns, just top to toe sparkle. The more elaborate soul on the other hand, might want to choose a dress covered in sequined patterns instead.

Then again, why not just sew a few sequins onto your veil or along the bottom seam of your wedding dress? This is a wonderful way to strike the perfect balance between simplicity and WOW.

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