To Infinity { Wedding Gowns }

By The Celebration Team 19 Apr, 2017

To Infinity { Wedding Gowns }

You’ve heard all about the infinity bridesmaid dress, but have you given any thought to an infinity wedding dress? This is the perfect option for a bride who wants to be extra comfortable on her wedding day, and have the freedom to chop and change her dress as she pleases.

Infinity dresses come in a variety of lengths and sizes, and can be made from many different fabrics. What’s more, it’s usually a lot more affordable than your average wedding gown, and gives you the freedom to customise the dress without paying for alterations.

An infinity wedding dress is especially ideal if you’re planning on changing dresses halfway through the wedding day. For instance, perhaps you want to tie it higher so that your feet are clear for dancing, or maybe you want to add straps to your strapless dress to keep it from falling off during the first dance.

Although plain, infinity dresses can easily be zhooshed up with a bit of bling or even a pretty belt. What’s more, you can attach details like lace, sequins and pears to the actual dress – however be careful of applying it to areas where it might stand in the way of dress conversion.

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