Multi-Coloured Majesty { Wedding Gowns }

By The Celebration Team 12 Apr, 2016

Multi-Coloured Majesty { Wedding Gowns }

You’re a colourful soul and you’ve never really understood all these traditions and symbolic rituals anyway. So why would you settle for a white dress? Nowadays there are no more rules when it comes to the wedding day – what’s more, you’re the bride and you can make and break the rules as you please!

So let’s talk about multi-coloured wedding gowns – you know, those dresses that your grandmother probably wouldn’t approve of? In order to pull it off with flair, there are a couple of things you need to bear in mind:

  • Keep your surroundings simple. If you’re going to be a burst of colour, it’s best to opt for neutral décor that complements your dress rather than overwhelming you.
  • Stick to a simple design. If the colour is going to be bold, the design should be simple and minimalistic in order to keep it stylish.
  • On the same note, keep your hair and accessories simple! When your dress is this busy, fewer distractions are better.
  • Keep your bridesmaid dresses neutral, and make sure they complement the colour of your dress. What’s more, play around with length – short bridesmaid dresses will be better suited to the drama of your long colourful gown.

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