Pocket Full of Love { Wedding Gowns }

By The Celebration Team 07 Feb, 2017

Pocket Full of Love { Wedding Gowns }

Looking beautiful is obviously the key to bridal success on your wedding day – but have you considered practicality? Wedding dresses with pockets are not only incredibly stylish, they’re also wonderfully practical. Whether you use it to stow a handkerchief or tuck away extra hairclips, you definitely won’t be sorry that you added this little “feature” to your wedding gown.

The important thing to remember is that wedding dress pockets need to be planned before the dress designing begins. Simply slapping on pockets at the end will detract from the overall look, and it might not live up to your expectations.

The trick to “installing” the pockets is to hide them in between the folds of your skirt. It therefore stands to reason that you’ll need a somewhat big and billowing skirt, otherwise the pockets might be visible through the fabric.

All in all, pockets add a touch of runway pizzazz to a wedding gown, and they’ll allow you to pull of multiple model poses that look as if they’re straight off a magazine cover. If pockets aren’t for you, talk to your bridesmaids about adding pockets to their bridesmaid dresses – after all, they might need a place to stow some emergency supplies on the day!

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