polka dot wedding dresses

Whether your friends describe you as “somewhat dotty” or you’re the type to dot her “i’s” and cross every “t”, you simply cannot deny the charming allure of a polka dotted wedding dress. The trick to pulling off dots and spots, is wearing it with a cheeky smile or a laid-back attitude, and pairing it with an informal wedding theme as opposed to a black tie or formal one.

While polka dots are best suited to a cutesy 50s style, short or ankle-length teatime dress, there’s really no reason why you can’t mix it up. A long flowing dress with polka dots, for instance, creates an enchanting contrast between raw sophistication and frivolous fun, while black dots on a white gown can be striking in a whole different way.

The size of the polka dots is also something that’s not to be overlooked – whereas tiny speckles have a soft yet quirky femininity about it, over-sized or miss-matched polka dots make quite a bold and contemporary statement. We especially love white-on-white polka dotted dresses where the use of sheer dotted fabric adds a sense of dimension to a simple white gown.

Most bridesmaids will be all too chuffed to don a polka dotted in a matching theme colour. Then again, if you yourself can’t live without a splash of colour, there’s really no reason why you can’t opt for a pink, blue or multi coloured polka dotted bridal creation. Alternatively consider adding polka dotted details to your dress rather than parading around in a full dotted gown – for instance, keep your eyes peeled for dotty shoes, a waist belt or even a lovely hair bow or band.

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