We’ve long since thrown the rule book out the door when it comes to wedding cakes! Yes, tiered cake sculptures are the epitome of wedding elegance, but why not take a moment to consider these unusually shaped cakes?

Nowadays wedding cake designers can create just about anything out of cake. Perhaps you’d like to capture your love in the shape of a heart-cake, or maybe you’d like something a little more theme appropriate like a deer cake to match your woodlands wedding. Alternatively, you can have a cake that’s shaped like your personalised wedding monogram, just to make it that much more personal.

We also adore cakes that are non-symmetrical – whether the layers are standing at different angles, or each cake is shaped a little bit differently. For instance, why not stack round, square and triangular cakes in a traditional tier? Be creative, and think as far out of the box as your brain allows.

While the options are virtually endless, it’s still important to draw the line between wedding cake and kids party creation. Try to keep it simple and striking and choose colours that complement each other. Fresh flowers also add a touch of sophistication to any cake, and you can’t go wrong with a little cake sparkle.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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