Birch Wedding Cakes

By The Celebration Team 20 Apr, 2015

Birch Wedding Cakes

Whether you’re planning a woodlands wedding theme or just completely smitten with the idea of all things rustic – right down to the wedding munchies – look no further than a birch cake.

Birch trees are known for their delicate almost silvery bark that is absolutely stunning when recreated on cakes. Even more appropriate, the tree is often considered a symbol of renewal and rebirth, which makes it perfect for the big day.

One of the key distinguishing features of a birch wedding cake, is having your initials “carved” in a little heart onto the side of the cake – much like teenagers would do on a birch tree trunk.

To really make the most of your birch wedding cake, be sure to pair it with the following suggestions:

  • On the dessert table, have plenty of chocolate pretzel sticks that are reminiscent of wooden twigs.
  • Scatter chocolate bark, crumbles and twirls on and around the cake for added emphasis.
  • Decorate the cake with fresh flowers for an enchanting springtime affair.
  • For something a little more rustic and raw, opt for succulents as cake adornments.
  • If you’re going full woodlands wonder, decorate the cake with fresh forest berries, ceramic creatures and vines.
  • Opt for an unpolished natural wooden slab as your cake stand.

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