Pop Goes the Cake! { Cake Pops }

By The Celebration Team 13 Jan, 2017

Pop Goes the Cake! { Cake Pops }

Don’t you sometimes look at a cake and imagine eating the whole thing in one bite? Well, that’s exactly what you can expect to do with a cake pop. This delicious and adorable sweet delight needs no introduction, but this time around we’re looking at ways to turn your cake pops into even more of a showstopper!

Cake pop wedding cakes are ideal for the bride who likes cake but, well, just not too much of it – and there are many ways to ice this cake! For starters, you can build or rent a cake pop stand, and slot the little cakes-on-sticks into the holes provided. Presented as a beautiful unit, the cake pop stand can be arranged in a tiered shape to represent the wedding cake.

Then again, whoever said cake pops need to come with a stick? Consider building a giant tower of little cake spheres, and then providing guests with skewers sticks. With the addition of a chocolate fountain, it’s guaranteed to be a barrel full of sweet fun.

Another option is to cover your entire wedding cake in little balls of yum, thereby adding an element of fun to an otherwise traditional wedding cake. Use contrasting colours to create interesting patterns, or stick to a single colour and opt for an ombre effect.

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