The wedding cake is often the last of the bride-to-be’s priorities as she charges from dressmaker to wedding venue to caterer to pull this special event off successfully. However, one of the greatest things about the wedding cake is that it is an area in which couples can be truly expressive, experimental and humorous without it affecting the overall theme and style of the wedding. While most couples eventually opt for a basic white, three-tiered cake or colourful cupcakes, some modern brides- and grooms-to-be are experimenting with their wedding cake so that it reflects their quirky personalities.

Cake toppers are an especially easy way to personalise your wedding cake, as they do not require excessive design and creation. In addition, they need not only appear in the traditional position of the plastic bride and groom on top of the cake, but can be used anywhere to transform your wedding cake into a masterpiece of artistic genius.

Top your wedding cake with ornaments that are cute, funny, funky or well known. For instance, ceramic doves or other animals make for amusing and retro cake toppers, as do glass figurines. Alternatively, place farm animals on top of the cake (with a small veil differentiating the ‘bride’). Whatever you decide upon should reflect your personalities, passions or hobbies in some way so that guests can identify with your choice. So, for example, farm animals would be ideal for a vet or farmer that is getting married.

A fairy garden cake can be intriguing and delightful. Fill the cake with toadstools, creeping vines and wooden bridges and scatter fairies and elves all over it as though they are playing in a magical world of their own.

Action heroes are another cool favourite because they are well-known, easily identifiable and are sure to serve a useful purpose once the wedding is over. Batman and Robin or Superman and Lois are sure to get tongues wagging when guests catch a glimpse of your novel creation.

Lego has defined many a childhood and is ultimately versatile. A cake topped with a Lego heart, Lego people or a Lego city is fun and playful with quite a modern twist. [ See Lego Wedding theme ]

Other fun cake topper suggestions include:

  • Dried flowers, grasses and berries (especially nice for a Pavlova)
  • “Wild” items like sticks, porcupine quills and feathers (ideal for a bush or outdoor wedding)
  • Toy cars
  • Flowers or stars made out of fabric or paper

If you are willing to extend beyond the cake topper, why not consider ‘dressing’ your entire cake in the same dress as you (the bride) will be wearing. Alternatively, scatter different colourful buttons all over it like irregular polka dots. These are easily sourced from second-hand shops or fabric outlets. Icing can be applied to resemble fine lace all over the baked creation. For a fun, colourful approach, stick all sorts of sweets onto the cake, including jelly sweets, marshmallows, boiled sweets, liquorice and chocolates.

There really is no limit as to the extent of creativity allowed in creating a wedding cake. So, if you are open to using this medium to introduce some playfulness and even a touch of wackiness into your wedding day, there are endless opportunities.

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