Chalkboard wedding cakes bring two of our favourite things together – cute chalk boards and mouth watering cake! Black boards have become synonymous with personalised weddings and DIY, so it makes sense that the trend had to eventually find its way into the world of cake design.

Created with matt black frosting or fondant and oodles of skill on the cake designer’s side, black board cakes literally resemble, well, black boards – with chalk dust and scribbles for extra character. It goes without saying that you wouldn’t use real chalk, but rather colourful cake dust and icing sugar to get the right look.

Once the black cake has been created, you could get your guests to actually help decorate the wedding cake for you – in other words, supply them with “edible chalk” to write beautiful messages on the cake. This provides a stunning alternative to the traditional guest book!

Should the idea of black cake not really appeal to you, opt for a solid slab of wood as a cake stand and paint it with black board paint. This can then be decorated with chalk – by either yourself or your guests – to ultimately tie in with the personal tone of the wedding day.

Another wonderful alternative is to make the top two tiers of cake and the bottom of Styrofoam or wood, and then disguising all the tiers to look like chalk scribbled black board. In this way, you save a little money on the cake without having to sacrifice your dream of a 5-tier stunner.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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