Cookie Cakes { Sweet Inspiration }

By The Celebration Team 30 Nov, 2016

Cookie Cakes { Sweet Inspiration }

Cookies are universally loved by one and all! If you have friends who don’t like cookies, they don’t deserve an invitation to the wedding (kidding!) We’ve mentioned cookie tables and cookie favours in the past, but what about full-blown cookie wedding cakes?

There are many ways to approach a cookie cake. For starters, you can go the layering route – this basically involves stacking a large number of cookies in layers (in the shape of a tiered wedding cake), and using smooth icing to keep it in place – almost like cement.

Another option is to simply decorate your wedding cake with a variety of your favourite biscuits. Cover it from top to bottom, or have a little fun decorating each tier with different types of biscuits.

An easy approach to cookie cakes is to simply rent a beautiful cake stand, and fill each tier with an assortment of yummy biscuits that guests can enjoy with a cocktail or cup of tea. This essentially means that you won’t have to consult a cake designer, and you could end up saving quite a bit of money in the process.

To put a more personal spin on it, opt for homemade biscuits decorated according to your theme or colour scheme, or with your names written in frosting.

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