The wedding day is often about the bride and her gorgeous dress. However, it is also the groom’s big day. To make him feel extra special, include a groom’s cake in your wedding day. This can be fun and humorous, or elegant and stylish, depending on the groom-to-be and his personality. You can have his cake as the main wedding cake or as a match to the traditional wedding cake.

If you decide to go for a different, fun grooms’ cake, why not consider some of the following suggestions:

  • A cake iced to resemble his wedding outfit.
  • A laptop, complete with a mouse and his favourite game or website iced onto the screen.
  • An ice bucket of his favourite beer.
  • An i-Phone or an Xbox console, if he is particularly attached to his.
  • A poker table with a great hand for him.
  • A rugby / soccer / cricket ball.
  • A seductive rendition of his sexy wife. You may request that ‘she’ wear the same underwear that you bought for your honeymoon as a teaser.
  • If he is musical, fashion his cake as a musical instrument.
  • A cake in the colours, logo or mascot of his favourite sports team is likely to get him very excited.
  • The car or motorbike of his dreams.
  • The proverbial ball and chain.
  • An artist’s impression of his new mother-in-law can be created out of icing sugar for a spine-chilling cake. Be sure not to offend anyone.
  • Create a cake that refers to his line of work. For example, if he is a doctor or nurse, create a tray of implements or a sick patient in bed. If he is an artist or a graphic designer, opt for a palette or an Apple Mac.

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