Macaroon Majesty { Wedding Cakes }

By The Celebration Team 15 Feb, 2017

Macaroon Majesty { Wedding Cakes }

If you love macaroons almost as much as you love your hubby-to-be, then it makes sense that they should feature sweetly and proudly on your wedding day. While there are many ways to incorporate these delicious treats into your day, we say: why not the wedding cake?

Macaroon cakes and towers are incredibly eye-catching, and add a certain wow-factor to the big day. First things first, which colour and flavour to choose? For starters, you can go all white – classic, decadent and alluring. Then again, why not opt for an ombre macaroon cake, where each layer is just a little bit lighter than the last?

In terms of flavours, you can mix and match a number of your favourite flavours, or keep it simple with one or two classics – like French vanilla and chocolate. This can then be served with ice cream as dessert, or guests can pack a maccie or two in a beautifully designed box as guest favour.

Macaroons can be expensive, so another alternative to a full-blown macaroon tower is to intersperse layers of cake in between the macaroons. You can also decorate the top of your cake with a delicious pile of macaroons, covered in caramel or chocolate sauce.

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