marble wedding cakes

Remember that time when you had your new marble kitchen counters installed and your neighbour commented how it looks “good enough to eat”? Well, be sure to invite her to the wedding so that she can feast her eyes and palate on a slice of your marbled wedding cake!

Marble cakes are spectacular creations that have a streaked or slightly mottled look about them. This effect is usually achieved by lightly mixing two colours, to the point where they’re not completely blended and the original colours can still be distinguished in places. The result is a magnificent cake that resembles the smooth patterns of natural marble or paint staining.

When considering a marbled cake for your wedding, you have one of two options:

  1. A marble coated cake: This involves the actual frosting of the cake being streaked to create a stunning cake that’s bound to be the talk-of-the-town.
  2. An inside-out marble cake: Here the actual cake batter is marbled – for instance, cream-coloured sponge cake with streaks rose, to fit in with your two-toned colour scheme.

Alternatively you can look into flavour marbling – combining different cake variants, like a chocolate and vanilla blend or a more exotic combination of cinnamon and coffee. Needless to say, marbled cakes are the perfect option if you and hubby aren’t quite seeing eye-to-eye around the cake tasting table!

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest.