Ooh-lah-lah! Feast your eyes on the pretty indulge that is the meringue cake! There are many delicious and delectable ways to bring wedding cake and meringues together – here’s a little taste:

  • Create a tiered cake out of large flat layers of meringue, with cream filling in between.
  • Meringue and fruit are a delightful combination that’s both delicious on the palate and easy on the eye.
  • Cover the entire wedding cake in little meringues to give it a spiky appearance.
  • Instead of simple round meringues, play around with interesting shapes like roses, hearts, twirls and more!
  • Opt for a tower of meringues instead of a wedding cake, with ross in between to soften the overall look.
  • For an additional surprise, fill each meringue with cream filling or caramel.
  • We love the combination of meringues and cake glitter – simply out of this world!
  • Instead of crunchy meringues, consider topping or covering the cake with soft meringue (like you’d find on top of a lemon meringue pie).
  • In South Africa we love pavlova! Instead of a wedding cake, serve a variety of pavlovas (large meringue with fruit and cream on top) for guests to indulge in.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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