A Rough Guideline to Creating A Tiered Towel Cake

By The Celebration Team 07 Feb, 2011

A Rough Guideline to Creating A Tiered Towel Cake

If you are looking at being creative for a hen party you may be planning or for your wedding, towel cakes can be a great decoration to your party and / or a unique, creative gift for your wedding guests or even a centerpiece of sorts. Note: You may need to practice a few times and get creative with colours, so change the guidelines to suit your needs.

You will need:

  • 2 regular size towels (choose a colour that works best for you)
  • 3 hand towels in the same colour as above
  • 3 wash cloths in the same colour
  • Safety pins – large ones will work best
  • Ribbon of your choice (Satin, Organza)


  • Take the 2 regular sized towels and folder each towel into thirds (lengthwise). Make sure the folders are even when folding over and make sure the ends / edges are inline and even.
  • Folder the now folded towel done in Step 1 above in half. Try and keep things lined up to ensure neatness and symmetry as much as possible (remember: practice makes perfect)
  • Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 above with the second towel. It is important to try and ensure that you folder exactly the same as the first time before moving forward.
  • Now take the two folded towels and lay them out in one long line next to each other. Make sure that you lay the towels out so that the top and the bottom of the towels match i.e. the neat folds are at the top and the bottom shows the towels “rougher” edges.
  • Pin the 2 towels together at the one edge so they form one long horizontal line.
  • Choose a side to start from and start folding from one side to the other.
    • TIP: Try to folder as tightly as possible.
  • When folded, make sure to place the rolled towel the right side up i.e. choose the “prettier side” of the rolled towel to be visible – this would be the side where you don’t see the edges of the towel being displayed.
  • Make sure the top of the cake towel is now flat and even. If not, you may need to start the rolling process again. Keep trying until it’s flat – it needs to look like a cake, afterall!
  • Wrap the ribbon around the towel in order to keep it in folded position. You could try using long pins to secure to make tying the ribbon a little easier and the folds more secure.
  • Repeat the process above with the hand towels and the wash cloths. You can play around with the folding of the hand towels and wash cloths if you proportions are important to you.
  • Place each towel arrangement on top of each other with the regular folded towels at the bottom.
  • Add decorations that would suit the event or theme. Here are a few examples:
    • If a hen party, then decorate with soaps, flowers, perhaps a kitchen utensil or 2, candles, folder G-strings, etc
    • If used for a wedding as a wedding cake replacement, add a cake topper and use flowers or candles or even sweet & treats that match the colour theme of the wedding.
    • Photo Credit: a-rough-guideline-to-creating-a-tiered-towel-cake